Glass Capabilities


From the start we have the fully automated cutting bed that not only cuts glass but can also scan in templates ensuring an exact representation of the template, and from there we can achieve anything, edged, mitred, bevelled, CNC shaped glasses, toughened, laminated, painted, UV bonded and it goes on and on with the machines and experience from the employees we have no boundaries. 



We can polish edge and arriss any thickness of glass with our two Bovone edging machines. Our machines are also capable of mitring glass, with two machines this gives us the ability to produce vast volumes of high-quality polished glass. pastedGraphic_2.png We have CNC machines in our factory which enables us to produce shaped and polished glass to our customer's requirements.
Production times and quality are of utmost importance to us, and by having the complete process produced in house allows us to meet their demands.
Double and triple glazed units are produced daily on our premises in a range of thicknesses, sizes and patterns. pastedGraphic_6.png

We have our automatic sandblasting machine; this gives us the ability to sandblast various patterns and designs on glass. We can also Ritec coat the glass if required, which offers a protective coating which helps to minimise marks.


With our toughening plant, it again allows us to provide the finished product from one source. This in turn reduces lead times and enables us to compete favourably both in terms of time and cost. pastedGraphic_15.png

We have a state of the art UV Bonding table and can produce tower units, display plinths, tables and much more to the highest of standards. We can bond glass to glass or glass to metal, allowing us to produce the finished product for our clients.